Green Lion Ultimate Smartwatch -Navy Blue
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Green Lion Ultimate Smartwatch -Navy Blue

35,000 29,000

Brand Green Lion
Color Blue
1.9″ HD IPS
Bluetooth Call
Smart Notifications
Bluetooth Camera control
Heart Rate, ECG monitor
Sleep monitor
Sports workouts
10 Days Working time

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Ultimate green lion smart watch brings features, lightness, beauty and fashion at the same time.

Sporty and unique design
The 2.5-dimensional curve of the round and glass screen of the Green watch displays the eye-catching beauty.

It is completely designed with standard dimensions and fits your wrist and fits easily on your hands.

In this product, in addition to the main strap, there is an additional strap with a different color inside the watch.

Offering 24 special features
Green smart watch has the power to analyze and store information such as the distance traveled, speed, heart rate, and the amount of calories consumed at the moment.

Green watch with NFC technology, video tic-tac control, long battery consumption, sitting position monitoring, Ali pay payment port, support for different languages, Bluetooth music control, alarm clock, calculator, stopwatch, camera control, sleep monitoring, calendar, Pedometer, blood oxygen, blood pressure, sports modes, notification, SMS, call report, Bluetooth call, phone book.

Having these wonderful features has made this watch the most unrivaled smart watch among its peers.

Use up to 10 days with a single charge
The battery life of the green watch is up to 10 days in daily use mode and up to 12 days in Basic usage mode . It does not need to be recharged.

daily use
Daily use includes daily heart rate graph report, daily reminder of incoming calls 2 times a day, reminder of incoming messages 8 times a day, more than 150 times a day the screen display is on, long exercise twice a week and 30 minutes of running.

Basic use
The basic use includes the constant use of the default background, displaying the sleep graph report, turning off the device’s Bluetooth, and the constant display of the heart rate graph.

Measuring blood oxygen levels
Low blood oxygen levels can cause fatigue, lack of energy and reduced concentration.

Green Active Pro smart watch has the ability to measure blood oxygen and you can use it to adjust your condition.

24-hour heart rate graph analysis
The 24-hour heart rate graph with the upgraded Green sensor displays heart rate and blood pressure changes accurately on your smart watch and mobile phone.

Green smart watch has IP68 waterproof standard.

It is resistant to water penetration during washing, sweating, or sports and activities under heavy rain.