JBL Under Amour Sport Wireless Flex

JBL Under Amour Sport Wireless Flex


Around-the-neck styled Bluetooth headphones are in abundance, evident by how nearly every manufacturer offers its own kind. You could say that the market for this is quite saturated, making it really tough to stand out from the crowd, but the Under Armour Sport Wireless Flex by JBL is catering to a specific audience – fitness fanatics that love to run!

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Audio performance is immersive, detailed, and full-spectrum. These are by far the best sounding sport earbuds I’ve heard, as expected from JBL and Harman International. the name refers to Under Armour, that has chosen a premium partner to develop this workout audio gear. You will hear precision and clarity at all volume levels. Be aware these headphones are super-efficient, so once you get past the 50 percent volume level you are approaching the limits of safe listening. Treble and midrange spectrums are upfront gorgeous, and the subtle bass gently rolls off like in traditional premium consumer speakers, and unlike so many current bass-heavy competitors. The treble-midrange emphasis is especially welcome when doing a workout in a noisy location. Tweaking the equalizer (EQ) on your music playback source will yield direct improvement in your Sport Wireless Flex listening experience. Compressed music tracks, in Deezer or Spotify for example, will sound as good with these earbuds as they are capable of being. Stereo separation is good but not excessive; music feels like it’s originating naturally inside your head, which is a good thing.