Apple AirPods Pro Carrying Case for Apple Airpods pro.

Apple AirPods Pro Carrying Case for Apple Airpods pro.


This is a Light weight Silicone AirPods Pro carrying case.
with a carabiner , waterproof silicone sealing ribs, and a military grade impact protection.

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Light weight AirPods Pro carrying case. Also high quality, non-toxic and environment friendly silicone material.

As you well know your new Apple AirPods Pro are not scratch free, and that’s why you must take care of them at all time.

Stronger AirPods Pro case
Bump-free our AirPods Pro case will absorbs the shock from a drop or any others bumps it may takes. It will sure save you new AirPods Pro from cracks.

Present a hole on the bottom that gives an easy access to the charging port. Also wireless charge compatible.

AirPods Pro Silicon carrying case
Apple AirPods Pro carrying Case provides great protection and fully functionality.

The difference between our competitor and us is very little but essential: our silicon case will not damage your AirPods Pro charge case during time.

As well the durable silicone case will not get deformed after taking it off and on many times.

Thin, light and soft this Marvel AirPods Pro case will not add much thickness to your new AirPods Pro. You will be for sure able to fit them perfectly in your jeans pocket.

Clip your AirPods Pro case around
The carabiner shows in the pic is included with the Marvel AirPods Pro case. It will helps to keep your AirPods save at all time.

Easy to clip the new AirPods Pro Case. to a bag or other accessories you’d like.